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进口铝-碳化硅金属基复合材料 Global leading aluminum-silicon-carbide composites metal matrix composites (MMCs) manufacturer and supplier Hay:D04USMA

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Our Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites family of metal matrix composites (MMCs) offers a balanced combination of properties that is unmatched by conventional metals and alloys. Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites MMCs are stronger, stiffer and lighter, making them ideal for use in a wider range of demanding applications that include aerospace components, commercial and performance automotive pistons, satellite structures and optical systems. Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites MMCs offer a range of CTE's and good thermal conductivity applicable in many thermal management and electronics packaging applications.

Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites MMCs combine an ultrafine silicon carbide reinforcement with aerospace aluminum alloys. The resulting composites are superior to conventional alloys because they combine the lightweight properties of aluminum with outstanding strength and stiffness. Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites products can be used to replace aluminum, titanium, steel, other structural alloys and composites.

All Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites MMCs are beryllium free so they can be used in applications where non-beryllium materials are desired. We offer several grades with different metal to reinforcement ratios and different physical and mechanical properties to meet specific application requirements.

Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites Composites in Space

Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites composites are helping the Copernicus Earth Observation Project monitor the general health of our planet.

Commercial and Military Aerospace

Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites MMCs are lightweight, but offer high strength for commercial & military aero-engine components and aircraft structures.


Outlet guide vanes

Hydraulic / Fuel blocks


Fixed wing structure/ skins

Helicopter components

Commercial and Performance Automotive

Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites MMCs reduce weight for better fuel efficiency and improved performance in commercial & high performance automotive applications.



Piston pins

Cylinder liners

Brake calipers

Connecting rods

Push rods

Valve train

Chassis components

Space, Defense and Optical Systems

Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide composites MMCs enhance performance of space & defense applications ranging from air and space-borne surveillance to targeting optics, astronomical telescopes and satellite structures.


Optical systems & sensors

Satellite structures