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China leading front Silver Metallization Paste For Silicon Solar Cell, LED solid crystal conductive adhesive, semiconductor chip bonding conductive adhesive manufacturer and supplier Hay:I02WXDK

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WXDK Electronic Materials, Inc. is a material technology company focusing on the development and application of high-performance electronic materials in the fields of solar photovoltaics, display/lighting and semiconductors. WXDK has an international R&D team, serving global markets and customers through market-oriented technological innovation and rich business channels.

WXDK R&D and production quality management have passed the strict certification of ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 and other management systems, and the products have passed the strict certification of TüV, CPVT and other third-party testing organizations. In the past few years, WXDK has won the "PVBL best material supplier", "SolarBe CREC annual photovoltaic material enterprise", "solar photovoltaic conductive silver paste industry leader", "China Patent Excellence Award", "APVIA Asia photovoltaic technology achievements Awards and Industry Contribution Awards" and other honors and awards.

In the field of photovoltaic metallization and interconnection, WXDK has now grown into one of China's leading brands of photovoltaic positive silver and one of the industry's leading suppliers of conductive silver paste and metallization solutions, continuously through high-intensity R&D investment, stable and reliable product quality and timely The responsive marketing system serves the solar photovoltaic industry. Among them, a series of highly efficient conductive silver paste has become a well-known brand in the photovoltaic banking industry. At the same time, Dike DKEM® actively expands the application of DECA100 series of highly reliable conductive adhesives in the interconnection of advanced shingled components.

In the field of semiconductor electronic packaging, WXDK actively deploys high-reliability packaging materials to serve the national "one screen, one core" strategy. Among them, a series of high-performance chip bonding conductive adhesive has become a strong competitor of overseas benchmark brands.

Front Silver Metallization Paste For Silicon Solar Cell

WXDK's newest front silver paste, is designed for P/N+ crystalline silicon solar cells passivated by SiNx with thickness between 75 to 90nm. It can form low ohmic contact to wafers from 60 to 120 /sq.

The product has great paste rheology. This screen printable paste is suitable for past printing, preferably >200mm/s. It has unique organic system, which yields fingers with high aspect ratio and flat tops.

When fired properly, the product yields very high bulk conductivity and low contact resistivity, which results in very high fill factor and conversion efficiency.

Thanks to the carefully designed glass chemistry and special additives in the formulation, Front Silver Metallization Paste can form very low contact resistivity when etching SiNx and reacting with Si during the firing process, and yield strong adhesion to silicon wafers.

The reaction window between the silver paste and Si wafer is carefully engineered and controlled through the paste chemistry, therefore, It is be able to make good contact to a wide range of emitter profile, including shallow emitters.

Front Silver Metallization Paste is compatible with industry-mostly-used back silver pastes, as well as back aluminum pastes.