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China Alumina Fiber Technology Company successfully realized commercial production Hay:B01SDDH

time:2020-05-27 browse:4103次

On May 26, in the SDDH high-performance alumina fiber production workshop, high-end alumina fiber products are being produced smoothly. "At present, the first phase of the alumina short fiber project has been put into production. The entire project is planned to build 1000 tons of high performance alumina short fiber and 100 tons of high performance alumina continuous fiber." Jing Liangxiao, chairman of SDDH Alumina Technology Group, introduced The high-performance alumina fiber project plans to invest a total of 600 million yuan, of which the capacity of alumina short fiber products accounts for 7% of the global total capacity.

SDDH cooperated with the National Ceramic Fiber Material Engineering Technology Research Center and the National Adhesive Material Engineering Technology Research Center to tackle key, fundamental and common technical issues in the development of the colloidal material industry and related fields, and realized alumina short fibers from A breakthrough in industrialization. "The alumina fiber produced by our project is a high-end fireproof material. At present, this material can only be produced by the US 3M company and the Japanese Mitsubishi company. We are currently the only Chinese local enterprise that can produce alumina fiber industrially. This kind of material is widely used in aerospace, nuclear power, nuclear industry, military industry and automobile industry. Our production process adopts the sol-gel process, and the entire production process is very environmentally friendly and clean. After the project is completed, it has very important strategic significance. To meet the needs of the defense industry, but also meet the needs of high-temperature refractory materials in the market. "Jing Liangxiao introduced.

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The SDDH high-performance alumina fiber project not only broke the technical blockade and monopoly of foreign countries, but also further extended the industrial chain, attracting many domestic and foreign related companies intend to enter the Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone to build supporting projects of the industrial chain. "In September last year, IBIDEN Japan came here for inspection three times. On May 15 this year, Zhejiang Huari Group also came here to investigate and consider building factories in the surrounding area." Jing Liangxiao introduced, SDDH is actively promoting the preparation of high The Performance Fiber Research Institute promotes the development of the local ceramic material industry to high quality, for the development of industrial coordination, high-end and clustering.