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China leading High strength and high conductivity alloy materials: Electrical Contacts & Terminals [pin, pad], chrome zirconium copper, chrome bronze, zirconium bronze manufacturer and supplier Hay: F04NBBW

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NBBW Alloy Materials Tech Group. was founded in 1993 with a registered capital of 680,000,00 RMB. It owns three major industrial parks: Bowen Yunlong, Bowie Binhai, and Bowilt (Vietnam). It covers an area of ​​364,400 square meters and employs more than 3,000 people. The company was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2011.

The company has fully inherited the R & D and innovation capabilities of Powerway Group, relying on Powerway Group's first national "innovative enterprises", "national technology innovation demonstration enterprises", "nationally recognized enterprise technology centers", national "postdoctoral research workstations", " "National accredited laboratories", "National and Local Joint Engineering Research Centers" and other R & D innovation platforms are national "high-tech enterprises", board members of the International Nonferrous Metal Processing Association (IWCC) and members of technical committees, and have become high-end intelligent manufacturing enterprises of alloy materials. According to the company's strategy, Bowie Alloy has built a three-wheel drive industry structure of "new materials", "new energy" and "capital cooperation". In recent years, more than 50 new material innovation projects have been completed, and 92 invention patents have been declared, including 49 authorized national invention patents and 3 international invention patents, becoming national intellectual property advantage enterprises; the company dominates or participates in China's non-ferrous alloy rods and wires. The compilation of 18 national standards and 4 industry standards has promoted the rapid development of China's non-ferrous alloy material industry.


Alloy Bars and wire

Copper Alloy for Precision Moulds

High-end Special Alloy Pen Material

Brass Alloy Material

Bar & Wire Products-Nickel Silver Alloy Material

Bronze Alloy Material

Bar & Wire Products-Special Alloy Material

Bar & Wire Products-High Strength High Conductivity Alloy Material

Enviroment Friendly Alloy Materrial

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Alloy Plates & Strips

High-strength High-conductivity Copper Chromium Zirconium Alloy Strips

High Precision High Performance Copper Nickel Tin Strips

High-strength High-conductivity Copper Nickel Silicon Strips

High-conductivity High-softening Cu-Fe Strips

High Precision High Performance Nickel Silver Strip

High Performance High Precision Phosphor Bronze Strips


High-performance alloy materials

The high-performance series of alloy materials developed by NBBW are used in China's aerospace, high-speed train, electronic communications, shipbuilding industry, automobile manufacturing, electronic instrumentation and other industries.

Environmentally friendly alloy materials

NBBW has developed environmentally friendly lead-free free-cutting brass series alloy products. It has obtained 1 US invention patent and 7 Chinese invention patents. The project products are non-toxic and harmless, and are used in drinking water, food machinery and other industries to achieve environmental protection and Human health.

Energy-saving alloy material

Innovatively developed high-efficiency energy-saving alloy materials achieve low electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity, and have significant energy saving and consumption reduction effects. They are mainly used to save energy and avoid various types of valves or connectors and related components that are dissipated by heat, and are designed to reduce energy loss.

Alternative alloy materials

The independent innovation of titanium, zirconium and zinc alloy materials has obtained 6 Chinese invention patents, which solves the problem of rising customer costs and saves resources. It is used in electronic communications, electrical accessories, hardware bathrooms, home decoration, locks and other fields, saving resources for society. Promote sustainable social development.


Functional alloy materials, environmentally friendly alloy materials, energy-saving alloy materials and alternative alloy materials developed by the new materials industry under the NBBWGroup are widely used in aerospace, high-speed trains, electronic communications, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, engineering machinery, precision molds More than 30 industries, including lead frames, provide industrial grain for high-end manufacturing.


The company's products and services have been recognized by Siemens, Panasonic, TOTO, Samsung, Huawei, CalCom Solar and other Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders. Among them, high-performance alloy material products are matched to China's aerospace supporting projects, which have made positive contributions to the aerospace industry.


New materials industry

The company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of new materials with high performance and high precision non-ferrous alloy strips, bars and wires; research and development of innovative functional alloy materials, environmentally friendly alloy materials, alternative alloy materials and energy-saving alloy materials. It provides high-quality industrial food for modern industry in more than 30 industries such as aerospace, high-speed trains, electronic communications, integrated circuits, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, engineering machinery, and household appliances.

The high-performance series alloy materials developed by the company have been successfully used in aerospace supporting projects;

The environmentally friendly alloy materials developed by the company are non-toxic and harmless, protecting the environment and human health;

The series of alternative alloy materials developed by the company can solve the problem of rising customer costs and save resources;

The company has developed a series of high-efficiency and energy-saving alloy materials with low conductivity, energy saving and consumption reduction, which promotes sustainable development of society.

New energy industry

In 2016, NBBW Alloy acquired Bowelt (Vietnam) Solar Technology Co., Ltd. through a fixed increase. Bowelt focuses on the research and development, production and sales of new energy photovoltaic monocrystalline, polycrystalline cells and modules to provide customers with new energy. Photovoltaic product solutions. With its innovative technology, the company creates unlimited green energy for the benefit of mankind.