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China leading Elastic alloy, Low-expansion alloys, Constant expansion alloy, Soft magnetic alloy, Permanent magnet alloy manufacturer and supplier Hay: A02SHBG

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SHBG Special Steel Technology Group, founded in September 1958, has won the honorary titles awarded by the state first-class enterprise and the National Quality Management Award, and is known as the cradle of China's special steel industry.

Special Alloy Materials,Parts and Components for Aerospace Industry

Superalloy/High-temperature alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, special stainless steels, high-strength structural steels, and bearing steels are mainly used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, ships, and nuclear power. It is one of the important production bases of special materials for aviation and aerospace in China. It has successively obtained ISO9001: 2000, ISO10012: 2003, ISO / IEC17025: 2005, GJB9001B: 2009, AS9100C: 2009 and other related professional quality system certifications, and the special process nondestructive testing, heat treatment, and laboratory have passed NADCAP certification.

The company has powerful R & D capabilities, advanced production equipment, process technology and testing methods. It can provide φ10 ~ 400mm bars and complete specifications of tubes, cakes, rings, plates, cold drawn materials and customer needs. All kinds of die forgings, free forgings, isothermal forgings, etc., products can be organized according to GB, GJB, HB, ASTM, AMS and other special standards.

Special Alloy Materials, Parts and Components for Nuclear Power Industry

SHBG is one of the most important R & D and production bases for alloy materials for nuclear power in China.

According to HAF003 and its guidelines, HAF601, HAF602 and the “Regulations for the Supervision and Management of Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment”, the company established a nuclear quality assurance system covering relevant production units, and formulated a nuclear quality assurance outline and corresponding program documents Dedicated programs combined). The company's nuclear power products have obtained the qualification of qualified suppliers of major domestic nuclear power equipment manufacturers, and successfully realized the successful supply of multiple projects and multiple units.

Since the localization of China's nuclear power materials, domestic nuclear power plants SHBG have been supplied; since 2000, more than 20,000 tons have been supplied, involving nuclear island, conventional island main equipment and civil engineering.

Since supporting the Qinshan nuclear power plant, SHBG has successively provided key nuclear power materials for the second and third generation pressurized water reactors, fourth generation high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, experimental fast reactors, etc., and currently has a complete set of key nuclear power materials Cargo capacity.

The company is the only enterprise in the world that has the supply capacity of three key materials, including nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloy U-shaped tubes for nuclear power evaporators, tube support plates and nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloy water chamber separators.

 The 690 alloy heat transfer tube produced by SHBG passed the CPR1000 of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Suzhou Thermal Engineering Institute, the ACP1000 of China Nuclear First Nuclear Engineering Institute (Hualong No. 1), and the CAP1400 product evaluation of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute, and obtained the civil nuclear safety equipment manufacturing license (Nuclear Level 1) .

In the 2016 Science and Technology Award Conference, the SHBG project "Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Product Development of 690 Alloy U-tube for Pressurized Water Reactor Steam Generator" won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award.

Special Alloy Materials, Parts and Components for Thermal Power Industry

SHBG first trial-produced a special alloy boiler tube for thermal power plants in 1993. Since then, the company has continuously trial-produced products such as steel pipes, tube blanks and steel plates for ultra-supercritical boilers.

Since 1994, the company has sold more than 400,000 tons of steel pipes and billets to the market, and more than 3,000 tons of various plates.

Since 2007, SHBG has supplied more than 8,000 tons of S30432 and S31042 steel pipes and tube blanks in the market. It has been applied to ultra-supercritical units such as Ningxia Yinxing Project and Qasim Project. By 2016, it has been operating safely for nearly ten years.

The S30815 steel plate produced by SHBG has been used in batches in key heat-resistant components of various high-temperature furnaces designed and manufactured by Dongfang Boiler Group, Harbin Boiler Group, and Shanghai Boiler Group.

The high-silicon heat-resistant steel produced by SHBG has a service temperature of up to 1200 ℃. The products have been applied in Shougang and Wuhan Iron and Steel.

In order to meet the technical requirements for the construction of 700 ℃ ultra-supercritical power plants in China, products such as C-HRA-1, C-HRA-3, and GH984G developed by SHBG have been on the “national 700 ℃ ultra-supercritical power generation technology key component verification test platform ", More than 5000 hours of operation.

Special Alloy Materials, Parts and Components for Tower Solar Thermal Power System Industry

SHBG stainless steel and nickel-based alloy plate tubes have been used in tower solar thermal power generation systems. The supporting materials are suitable for standard tower solar thermal power generation heat exchangers, heat storage systems 347, TP347H plate SHBG-2 plate tubes UNSN06230 plate tubes comply with ASTM, ASME

Special Alloy Materials, Parts and Components for Petrochemical Industry

In 1993, the ultra-long stainless steel tube developed by SHBG won the Gold Medal of the Second Shanghai Science and Technology Expo.

In 1998, high-quality 0Cr18Ni10Ti and 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel pipes won the third prize of Shanghai Excellent New Products.

In 1998, the urea grade stainless steel pipe won the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.

 The stainless steel tubes (tube blanks) provided by the company for the relevant projects and devices in the Sinopec Group-Monel alloy (0Cu28Ni70Fe), super Cantonite 904L and other tube blanks, urea grade 316L and 317L tube blanks are of the same quality as the international level ; Super duplex stainless steel S32750 billet quality has been approved by customers; 316, 316L oversize (maximum diameter reaches 4500mm) tube billet (physical quality has also reached international advanced level); ultra-pure 321H large-size tube billet has solved many domestic unsolved Problems; high-grade tube billets such as TP347H and TP304H at the power station level have been widely adopted by Sinopec's oil refineries.

Provided 2205 dual-phase steel pipe to the West-East Gas Transmission Project in 2004;

Provided 19 * 2, 18 meters long, 2205 duplex stainless steel pipe to Zhanghua Machine in 2007;

In 2008, "Technical Quality Research of P91 Large Tube Billet for Supercritical and Ultra Supercritical Thermal Power Units" won the first prize of Shanghai Key Product Quality Research Achievement Award;

In 2009, it replaced imports and began to supply 028 oil well pipes to the PetroChina Longgang oil and gas field. Supply G3 oil well pipe to Sinopec Puguang oil and gas field. By 2016, the cumulative supply reached 9900 tons;

In 2010, it supplied 625 hot-rolled plates for Yongmei Coal Group gasifier;

In 2011, it provided 800 extruded tubes to the Wuxi Huaneng Cold Hydrogenation Project. Cumulative supply of more than 1,200 tons by 2016;

In 2011, Dongfang Boiler Group gasifier 825 hot rolled plate;

In 2012, supplied 600 extruded tubes for Sinochem Taicang environmental protection fluorinated chemical condenser;

2012 water treatment 625 alloy tube;

In 2013, it was supplied to Lanzhou Changzheng air cooler 825 hot rolled plate;

In 2014, Sinopec Tahe Nine District gathering and transportation pipeline nickel-matrix composite pipe was lined with 825 nickel-matrix composite pipe;


Special Alloy Materials, Parts and Components for Environmental Protection Industry

SHBG has always been committed to the development and production of special corrosion-resistant alloy materials, and it has been used in many desulfurization devices in China. At present, the main corrosion-resistant alloy materials used are: super austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, nickel-based alloy, titanium alloy and so on.

The material is suitable for standard flue gas desulfurization plate heat exchanger, absorption tower, nozzle 1.4529 plate tube 1.4539 plate tube 904L plate tube UNSS31254 plate tube UNSN08028 plate tube UNSN08367 plate tube comply with EN, ASTM, ASME ...

Special Alloy Materials, Parts and Components for Electronic Instrument Industry

SHBG is China's most powerful functional metal material (metal functional material is a metal material with special physical properties, widely used in electronics, power, telecommunications and aviation molds) production base, the product quality is leading domestically.

Elastic alloy: widely used in aviation, radio, precision machinery and precision instruments.

Low-expansion alloys: manufacturing standard measuring rods, precision balance standard capacitors, resonant cavities of standard Huai frequency meters, and aerospace molds.

Constant expansion alloy: a structural material used to seal electrical ceramics with glass and ceramics.

Soft magnetic alloy: It is an indispensable key material in power industry, communication technology, automatic control, computing technology, radar technology and magnetic recording. Widely used as iron core of various devices and magnetic head of audio and video recording.

Permanent magnet alloy: widely used in the field of magnet micro motors and medical devices in instruments.