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Schaeffler and Continental jointly hold "Excellent Supplier Day" event

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At the first "Excellent Supplier Day" event jointly organized by Schaeffler GmbH and Continental AG, the two parties jointly selected 12 outstanding suppliers and strengthened their strategies. Cooperation. Suppliers selected at the event held on March 14, 2011 in Herzogenaurach came from seven different countries, covering nine procurement regions. 

In her welcome speech, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler emphasized that Schaeffler and Continental have been cooperating since 2008. This purchase agreement, as an important strategic measure, has played an important role in strengthening cooperation between the two parties. At the same time, she On behalf of his son George FW Schaeffler, he thanked the experts who contributed to the advancement of cooperation between the two sides. She emphasized that with the further changes in market processes, the role of core suppliers is crucial: "As the world's two leading system suppliers, Schaeffler and China need to support our philosophy and achieve Our high-standard partners work together. 

"Dr. Juergen M. Geissinger, President and CEO of Schaeffler GmbH, emphasized in his speech:" Our two companies have done Ready to meet future challenges in electric transportation, energy efficiency and mechatronics. Both parties benefit from strategic cooperation and are committed to sustainable success. Therefore, we will continue to promote and develop strategic and operational areas.

Dr. Elmar Degenhart, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Continental Group, said of the excellent supplier circle: "Continental Group is committed to becoming the world's leading supplier to the automotive industry. Open our long-term cooperative suppliers, they provide us with professional support in development, production and logistics. In joint procurement, Continental and Schaeffler adhere to the principle of independent operation of the two companies and cooperate at the same time. The conditions for procurement cooperation are very favorable because Continental and Schaeffler's advantages in this field are extremely complementary.

 "Schaeffler Co., Ltd. (Schaeffler GmbH) and Continental AG (Continental AG) have a total of more than 1,200 strategic suppliers, of which 400 have been evaluated, and ten requirements are required to become excellent suppliers. 

A total of 35 suppliers who have basically met the requirements of ntn bearings were invited to participate in the activities of Herzogenaurach. The 12 suppliers who fully met the requirements were: 

Italy Alupress Co., Ltd. 

China Anhui Zhongding Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 

Germany En Ensinger GmbH 

German HES-Precision Components – Hermann Erkert GmbH 

Hugo Kern und Liebers GmbH & Co. KG, 

Austria MIBA Sinter GmbH & Co. KG 

Germany Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG 

Rhodia Engineering Plastics) 

Swiss SFS Intech Co., Ltd. 

India Sunbeam Automobile Co., Ltd. 

Italy TFM SpA Company 

Germany Ticona GmbH 

The honorary title of excellent suppliers and related certificates obtained will help these suppliers to improve their cooperation in the future With advantages. For example, quality audits will be based on joint certification. The procurement process for both companies will also be further streamlined. As Schaeffler and Continental's global business grows, so will the sales of partner suppliers. 

Schaeffler GmbH and Continental AG have been conducting joint procurement since early 2009, with the aim of achieving common growth and optimizing raw material costs. 

Looking back at the early days of the cooperation and the results of the current cooperation, Dr. Gerhard Schuff, Senior Vice President of Schaeffler Purchasing, emphasized in his speech: "Today we can say that the strategic cooperation between the two parties has achieved results. Cooperation has not only decreased Cost hundreds of millions of euros in procurement costs and continuous improvements in quality and supply capacity. So we are working towards our common goals. 

"Continental AG and Schaeffler GmbH ) Plan to develop 200 suppliers in the future and include them in the excellent supplier circle. Günter Fella, Director of Purchasing, Continental Automotive Division, mentioned in his speech the specific concept of further development of the strategic cooperation between the two parties: "Schaeffler and Continental use the same procurement strategy and unified quality standards in market operations And a joint supplier system. This provides both parties with a good opportunity to get the most reliable new technology from the best suppliers to maintain their respective leading positions in the market. "