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China top aluminum-matrix composite materials: aluminum steel, aluminum stainless steel, aluminum copper, aluminum titanium, copper steel and steel stainless steel, brazing aluminum clad and multi-metal clad material manufacturer and supplier Hay:D04JSYB

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JSYB Clad Material Tech Group covers a total area of ​​300,000 square meters and has more than 1000 employees. The Group was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012.

JSYB is committed to integrated R & D of new technology and production of aluminum-matrix composite materials, brazing aluminum clad and multi-metal clad material.

It has two manufacturing base for aluminum clad material with an annual output of 200 thousand tons. Our products are widely applied in fields like automobile heat exchangers, engineering machinery, air cooling in power station, rail transit, household appliances, aerospace, cellphone and shipping .

Customer Reference

JSYB is the Prefered Supplier of Fortune Global 500 companies: Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, GE, CRRC Corporation Limited and Caterpillar ...

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We use cladding technology to integrate a minimum of two kinds of metal materials with different physical, chemical, mechanical properties into one of the multi-layer clad material. It has complementary effect while maintaining the properties of base metal, and obtains more excellent overall performance through reasonable combination. These materials not only save resources but also reduce costs. The technology is pioneered by the company in China. Materials can be combined with two layers, three layers, four layers, five layers, and seven layers. Rolls of the clad material can also be made, which goes beyond the traditional single strip clad technology.

We have developed a series of multi-layer clad products including aluminum steel, aluminum stainless steel, aluminum copper, aluminum titanium, copper steel and steel stainless steel. The development of Aluminum steel clad strip began its first presence in China's market, changing the reliance on import of steel aluminum clad in air cooling system, and making contributions to China's power plant air cooling system, and it is of great significance for the thermal power industry to save water resources. Using this technology can meet the diverse demand for material properties in the heat exchanger, the power plant air pipe, automobile parts materials, high-grade materials, cookware, mobile phone shell, marine engineering, aerospace, metallurgy, machinery and household appliances and other fields. Therefore, this technology has a wide application prospect in these areas.

JSYB set up an enterprise R & D Institute and built 9 research platforms including Provincial Academician Workstation, National Metal Laminar Clad Material Key Laboratory, Provincial Metal Laminar Clad Material engineering Technological Research Center ...

JSYB owns a dedicated R & D team, gathering chief experts from"National 863 Project", innovative talents from "Millions of Talents Plan", and Province "Double Creative Talents".

JSYB cooperate with TU Clousthal, MIT, Monash University, Central South University, NEU, USTB, Tianjin University and Beijing University of Technology.