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China leading precision aluminum alloy parts and components: Heat Exchange System—MPE, Chassis System, Control Arm, Shock Absorber, Body Structural, Motor casing, Battery pack module, Heat Exchange System Pipeline manufacturer and supplier Hay:T06JSYT

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JSYT Light Alloy Tech Corp. started its business in 1988. Since establishment, JSYTt committed to provide innovative Aluminium solutions with higher performance, better quality and value added fabrication service. We never stop seeking continuous innovation in material, process, equipment and application, also continuous improvement in procedure, quality and delivery. JSYT has become Chinese leading Brand in Aluminium industry. Now we are clients preferred supplier of Aluminium products in automotive industry, Aviation, Rail Transportation, Oceanic industry and etc.

JSYT dedicated to lightweight material development in traditional fuel automotive. Meanwhile JSYT set foot in new energy automobile and aviation grade Aluminium market. Accelerate scientific and technological innovation and promote industry upgrading.

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High-end Aluminium Products

At JSYT, where you can find any types of Aluminium alloy and extruded products with excellent performance beyond your expectation. From 1-series Pure Aluminium to 7-series aircraft grade Aluminium; From min. 0.12mm wall thickness to max. 800mm section diameter; From 80Mpa to 650Mpa Strength; From high anti-corrosion performance to critical stress corrosion cracking intensity factor; From high strength and toughness to good ductility; From high temperature resistance to high fatigue resistance Aluminium alloy.

Precision aluminum alloy parts for Oil-fueled Automotive

Heat Exchange System—MPE

Chassis System—Control Arm

Chassis System—Shock Absorber

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Precision aluminum alloy parts for New Energy Automobile

Body Structural

Motor system—Motor casing

Battery pack module

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Precision Aluminum Parts for Aviation Industry

Heat Exchange System—Pipeline

Chair Framework

Storage Rack Guide Rail Component

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Precision aluminum alloy parts Extention Fabrication

JSYT, as a solution provider will offer new energy vehicle clients with extention fabrication service to cut costs and time consumption in a great extent. Solutions including: Fusion covering additional material manufacturing and remediation (3D Printing), Cutting, Finishing, Bending, Forming, Surface Treatment, Connection, Assembly and etc.

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