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China zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide ceramic precision structural parts and components: Dispensing nozzles, Porous ceramic vacuum chuck, ESD Nozzle Tip, Collets, Piston, ESD Tweezers, Shaft and Sleeve manufacturer and supplier Hay: B01SZSD

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SZSD Advanced Ceramics Technology Co. Ltd. supply high-precision ceramic parts for various industries such as surface-mount Technology (SMT) and semiconductors manufacturing and equipment, medical equipment, flow-control equipment, cosmetics packaging and so on.

The company engage in R & D and manufacturing of precision ceramic structural parts using zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide ceramics.

In the area of manufacturing, SZSD has full spectrum of capabilities ranging from sintering, molding to precision machining. The most important of all, we have established an in-house R & D team in ceramics technology so that we can maintain our pioneering position in the field of ceramics manufacturing.

Modified nano-alumina ceramic capillary

Precision Ceramic Dispensing nozzles

Dispensing nozzles.jpg

Precision Porous ceramic vacuum chuck

Precision Ceramic Electronic Cigarette

Precision Zirconia ceramics ESD Safe Nozzle Tip

Zirconia ceramic ESD Safe Nozzle Tip.jpg

Precision Ceramic Die Bonding Collets

Die Bonding Collets.jpg

Precision Ceramic EFO Wand

EFO Ward.jpg

Precision Ceramic Piston


Precision Ceramic ESD Safe Tweezers

ESD Safe Tweezers.jpg

Precision Ceramic Cosmetics Package Parts

Cosmetics Pachage Parts.jpg

Precision Ceramic Shaft and Sleeve

Shaft and Sleeve.jpg



CAXA PLM project management software has gone live in January 2020.

Successful application of 27 esearch and development patent, and 7 patent for utility model in April 2020.


PD Branch operated in May 2019.

Second round of investment by Oriental Fortune Capital in July 2019.


Successful acquisition of HQL in July 2018.

Capillary of independent development launched into market in October 2018.


Certificated NSF in May 2017.

First round of investment by Oriental Fortune Capital in September 2017.


Became qualified vendor of ASETEK in March 2014.

Developed porous ceramic materials successfully in May 2014.

Acquired honor of National High-tech Enterprise in September 2014.


Became qualified vendor of Nordson and Heraeus in April 2013.

Became qualified vendor of Markino in June 2013.

Infor ERP has gone live in October 2013.


Became qualified vendor of FBD in March 2012.

Became qualified vendor of HCT in September 2012.


Became qualified vendor of HAN ’S LASER in August 2010.


Became qualified vendor of ASM in April 2009.

Developed porous ceramic materials successfully in May 2009.


Became qualified vendor of Universal Instruments in May 2008.

Became qualified vendor of Kulicke & Sofa in May 2008.

Acquired ISO9001 quality management system in May 2008.


Founded in April 2006,

Established department of ceramics in December 2006.