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Mobile phone ceramic cover, fingerprint identification microcrystalline zirconium sheet, optical fiber ceramic ferrule, alumina ceramic substrate, compressor wiring ceramic terminal, fuel cell (SOFC) ceramic diaphragm manufacturer Hay:B01CZSH

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CZSH Ceramic Technology Group was established in 1980. The company has been listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2012. It is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in research and development, manufacturing and sales of electronic basic materials, electronic components and communication devices. The company's products cover optical communications, electronics, electrical, machinery, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, biological and fashion applications. The company has been both awarded as “National High-tech Enterprise” and ranked top 10 among China's top 100 electronic component enterprises for consecutive years.

The main products are electronic components, semiconductor components, information and communication components and new energy components and system integration. Within these industries the sales volume of ceramic substrate for chip resistor and ceramic rod for resistor are one of the market leaders in the world.

CZSH products include smart phone back cover, fingerprint identification microcrystalline zirconium sheet, smart wearable ceramic parts, optical fiber ceramic ferrule, ceramic package base (PKG), alumina ceramic substrate, multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC), compressor terminal , Fuel cell (SOFC) diaphragms, etc., the products have covered applications such as mobile phones, electronics, communications, machinery, electrical, new energy, etc. The products have entered the global procurement chain of well-known manufacturers, including optical fiber ceramic ferrule, alumina ceramic substrate, SOFC The production and sales of electrolyte diaphragms and ceramic substrates for resistors are all in the forefront of the world, and the optical fiber ceramic ferrule has been rated as a single manufacturing champion by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


Ceramic Parts for Mobile Devices

Ceramic exterior parts for mobile

Ceramic cover for fingerprint module

Ceramic parts for smart wearable devices

Ceramic Parts for Mobile Devices.jpg

Piezo Microdispensing System

Ceramic Components For Fiber Optic Communication

MT ferrules & Ceramic guide pins

Ceramic Ferrules

Non-Standard Ferrules

Ceramic Sleeves

Non-Standard Ceramic Sleeves

Fiber Stubs For Field-Mountable Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber Stubs And Receptacles

FTTH Field Mountable Fiber Optic Connectors

Ceramic Components For Fiber Optic Communication.jpg

Ceramic Metallizations

Ceramic Package For LED

Ceramic Package For SMD

Ceramic Components For Electronics

Ceramic Metallizations.jpg

New Energy Ceramics

SOFC Stack

Anode Supported SOFC Cells

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Electrolyte Membranes

Electronic Components

Fixed Resistors

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Electronic Components Parts.jpg

Electronic Components Parts

Al2O3 Ceramic Substrates

AIN Ceramic Substrates

Structural Ceramics

Structural Ceramics.jpg

Sealing Product Of Glass To Metal (GTM)

Following the philosophy of innovation, CZSH founds R & D institute in materials and equipment, and builds an innovative team led by academicians and experts as well as doctor-degree holders. The group is devoted to research and development of new materials, products, equipment and technology . The company participated in and accomplished numbers of national and provincial level scientific research programs and worked on research and development of numerous high-tech products. More than 30 CZSH products were awarded as “National High-quality Product Gold Award”. Patents cover China and developed countries overseas.