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Top Outsourcing & Sourcing Service Companies/ Sourcing Agents in China

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There are many Outsourcing & Sourcing Service  providers or Sourcing agents in China.

They cooperate with international importers/global buyers in various forms, What we surpass and overperformance them is that our core competitiveness and expertises:

Hay Think's Strategic Sourcing & Lean SCM System Integrates and Derive From

1. Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Management Concepts and Skills from the world's top sourcing and SCM consulting companies;

2. The most advanced and best practices for strategic sourcing & SCM from global top 100  manufacturing companies.

Hay Think Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Management Team

Hay Think strategic purchasing management team is composed of CPO [Chief Purchasing Officer], purchasing directors, strategic purchasing managers, category purchasing managers, supplier quality expert, supply chain management experts, lean production experts which from fortune globla 500 companies...


Priceless Treasure & Resources: Supplier Base Excellence

Hay Think`s Premium Supplier Pool has more than one million premium supplier data, and the supplier base derive from the supplier base of fortune global 500 companies which systematically assessed, selected, approved and certified by the China Sourcing teams of these companies.

Objectives & Deliverables

Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Performance Improvement

Hay Think supply intelligence approach integrates all four relevant dimensions of decision-making and is based on a balanced mix of all objectives in procurement and supply chain management.


Via Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Excellence Management

Demand Management Excellence

Category Management Excellence

Supply Base & Innovation Management Excellence

Sourcing Strategies Management Excellence

New Sourcing Project Management Excellence

Cost Management Excellence

Strategic Purchasing Negotiation Panels

Supplier Assessment, Selection Decision Matrix & Smart Contracting

Supplier Quality Management Excellence

Supply Chain Risk Management Excellence

Supplier Excellent Management & SRM

Lean Production Management

Lean Supply Chain Management

II. 60+ Sourcing/Purchasing Strategies and Tools

60+ Purchasing Strategies and Tools are inspired by the logic of supply power and demand power. it has proven to work in any industry, for any category, anywhere in the world. Intuitive and easy to use, it has become the main procurement strategy tool for most of the world's leading companies.

The 60+ Purchasing Strategies and Tools to reduce costs and increase value with suppliers.

We deliver more than short-term savings. 

We effectively reduce costs, create value, and improve procurement and supply chain performance.