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China tungsten and molybdenum alloy ultra-high precision parts and components manufacturer provides first-class products to GE, SIEMENS and PHILIPS Hay:A04SHLJ

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There are many small companies in Germany. They focus on a certain field and develop steadily and healthily; they are not the largest, but they are invisible champions in their field. A large part of the glory of the German economy is based on the invisible champions of these industries.

In recent years, many invisible champion companies have also appeared in China. SHLJ Technology Co., Ltd. is an invisible champion company in the material industry.

This new materials company, founded in 2006, focuses on R & D, production, sales and customized services of new materials, high-precision components and micro systems related to rare refractory metals. Customized development of high-performance, ultra-precision radiation management materials and thermal management materials for customers.

Although China is recognized as a major country of tungsten and molybdenum in the world and rich in tungsten and molybdenum mineral resources, the processing technology of tungsten alloy high-precision ultra-thin materials is still in the blank. Regardless of the overall processing technology, no matter from the level of process technology or equipment accuracy and product variety structure Compared with advanced countries in the world, there is still a big gap.

In 2004, the General Electric Company (GE) medical system in the United States needed a high-precision ultra-thin tungsten alloy component, and tendered globally to find a supplier. After several tender selections, GE has not yet found a suitable material supplier.

Later, with the advice of the materials peers, GE found Dr. Zhu Yubin, then a professor at the School of Materials at SH University. He has more than 20 years of research experience in this field and has developed a series of special preparation technologies for tungsten and molybdenum.

After the negotiation, Zhu Yubin led his R & D team to carry out technical research. It took a year to successfully develop a new type of high-precision tungsten alloy ultra-thin material preparation technology with low energy consumption, micro-loss, no pollution, high efficiency and short process. , Samples were prepared and passed various performance tests and rigorous assessments of the US GE company, becoming the exclusive supplier of the product worldwide.

In 2006, Zhu Yubin founded SHLJ Material Technology Company. "So it can be said that the company was established solely for GE Healthcare." Zhu Yubin joked.

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The field of refractory metal materials can be applied at a higher end, but the application volume in the medical sector is small, and the large companies in the industry are more valued by the multi-faceted application fields, which gives small companies such as SHLJ technology survival and development space.

Although the original intention of the establishment was based on GE's bidding project, two years after the establishment of the company, SHLJ Technology's customers are no longer restricted to GE Healthcare. The company has successively passed the quality certification and management audit of well-known multinational companies such as SIEMENS, PHILIPS, ANALOGIC, LG, etc., and has become its global exclusive or strategic supplier of key materials and core components.

Deeply cultivate the medical field

Since its inception, SHLJ Technology has focused on the research and development of new materials and the innovation of its processing technology, and has continuously expanded the application market for high-end medical, electronics, new energy, and green lighting fields.

Based on the GE project, Zhu Yubin developed a new high-density alloy new preparation technology and applied for the invention patent of "Preparation Method of Tungsten-based High-density Alloy Sheet". The patent successfully solves the problem of tungsten alloy preparation. The successful product has been tested and its performance index has reached and exceeded customer needs.

While stabilizing the company's first product series, Zhu Yubin organized his technical team to carry out a series of technical innovations. On the basis of the new high-density alloy new preparation technology, he solved the technical problems of dozens of new products, improved and optimized three Standardized production lines.

In 2009, SHLJ Technology grasped the development trend of strategic emerging industries such as new energy and green lighting, focused on the development of metal-based thermal management materials for electronic packaging, and overcome the difficulties in preparing tungsten copper and molybdenum copper alloy foils. In view of the production technical problems of high thermal conductivity and low expansion materials required by the electronics industry, and successfully passed the quality certification and management audit of LG, Fujikura and other companies, this series of products has become a new growth point for SHLJ technology development.

In order to speed up the development of the enterprise, in 2013, SHLJ Technology introduced strategic investors, and then implemented a shareholding system reform. In 2015, SHLJ Technology was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became the first listed company in the high-precision tungsten-molybdenum alloy new materials industry.

Discover new opportunities

Relying on its technological leadership, Zhu Yubin led his marketing team to actively explore domestic and foreign markets and establish marketing channels. At present, the products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, Israel and other countries. Among them, the leading products in medical imaging chain, such as ray collimation, shielding, and anti-scattering products, are leading in sales in the industry, and have maintained a high market share for many years.

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About SHLJ Special Metal Materials Technology Co., Ltd.,

SHLJ Special Metal Materials Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a national high-tech enterprise with technological innovation in the field of new materials, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and customized services of new materials and high-precision parts related to refractory metals . Customized high-performance, super-precision ray management and thermal management materials for customers.

The company has more than 40 patents, and its core technology and products have won the first prize for outstanding inventions and the gold medal at the Third International New Materials Expo. The company is the first to realize green and low-carbon production in the field of refractory metal materials.


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The company strictly implements the ISO9001 quality system requirements, uses stable quality raw materials, advanced production technology, high-end processing equipment, and sophisticated testing equipment to ensure stable product performance and continuous production. The company provides key components of high-end medical equipment for global companies such as GE, SIEMENS,PHILIPS,ANALOGIC,LGFujikura,etc., and provides top products and quality services to many customers.