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China leading silicon carbide particles reinforced aluminum matrix composite materials, semi-solid casting high-strength precision aluminum alloy parts and components manufacturer and supplier Hay:D04HNWC

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HNWC Light Alloy Technology Co., Ltd., renamed from HN Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals in 2009. The company covers an area of ​​160 mu. The company possesses five standard workshops, one 1 + 1 + 1 joined standard workshop and an auxiliary R & D building and an office building. Now we employ a total of 280 employee. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2008.

The main products include two series of aluminum alloy materials and aluminum alloy parts and components.

Advanced Aluminum Alloy Materials: 

A390, AHS and 4032 aluminum alloy castings, extrusion billets and SiC particle reinforced aluminum matrix composites;

Precision Aluminum Alloy Parts and Components: 

Swash plate for automobile air conditioner Compressor, bidirectional and one-way piston, scroll, rotor, and aluminum matrix composites brake disc for rail and vehicles ...

The company is the supporting institution of HN Research Center for Engineering Technology of Aluminum Alloy Semi-solid Forming. At the same time, the company is “the development base for the semi-solid forming technology” of National Research Center for Engineering Technology of Nonferrous Metal Composite. Since 2009, The company has successively undertaken two national projects and six provincial and ministerial projects. Moreover, It has five national invention patents and 25 national utility model patents.


Silicon carbide particles reinforced aluminum matrix composite material large-scale components to achieve the localization of key components for rail transit industry

Recently, the project "Direct Forming Technology and Application of Aluminum-based Composite Materials Large Components" led by HNWC Light Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize of the Technical Invention Award.

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In response to the demand for light weight and localization of China's rail transit, HNWC Technology has creatively solved major key technical problems such as the difficulty of uniform dispersion of silicon carbide and the difficulty of direct molding in the preparation of large and complex components of silicon carbide particle reinforced aluminum matrix composites. The key technical equipment and industrialized complete sets of technology for direct forming of large and complex components of matrix composite materials have been successfully applied in subway brake discs. The first domestic production line of 5,000 pieces of aluminum matrix composite brake discs has been built. The project has completely independent intellectual property rights, 8 authorized invention patents, and 1 product standard.

The successful implementation of the project solved the problem of localization of key components of rail transit equipment, filled the domestic gap, and significantly improved the manufacturing level of large-scale aluminum-based composite materials in China. It has broad application prospects and good economic and social benefits.