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China leading carbon fiber fabric,aramid fiber fabric,carbon fiber and aramid mixed fabric,prefab of thermo structure material,prefab of carbon brake, carbon / carbon compound materials manufacturer and supplier Hay:D01JSTN

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JSTN Company mainly engages in development and application of carbon fiber, aramid fiber, quartz fiber and other special fibers. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing carbon fiber fabric, aramid fiber fabric, prefab of thermo structure material , prefab of carbon brake, new reinforcer such as high performance carbon / carbon compound materials.

JSTN owns independent intellectual property right with international advanced technology. It successfully developed quasi-3-D stereo needle fabric which directly adopts large fiber bundle high performance carbon fiber which is reinforced in plane direction of the continuous long fiber and interlocked in vertical direction. It is an integrated reinforced prefab with carbon non-weaving unwoven short fiber as stuffing.


Carbon fiber cloth

Basalt fabrics

TS aircraft carbon brake prefabricated parts

Carbon fiber and aramid mixed fabric

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The carbon fiber quasi-3-D stereo fabric manufactured with creative technology of JSTN overcame the defects of pre-oxygenated fiber fabric and made up for the high cost of carbon fiber 3-D weaving structure. It has such properties as layer density, uniform volume density, difficult beveling, good integral stability and easy CVD permeability. It is a typical new material with low cost and high performance. It is also an ideal reinforcer for preparing carbon resin compound materials and carbon / carbon compound waterials at modem times.