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Nano-composite technology developed by Chinese super-strength carbon fiber reinforced plastics improves the abrasion resistance of nano-abrasive plastic polymer by nearly 100 times Hay:C03JSFD

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Following the major breakthroughs in carbon fiber composite plastics, JSFD researchers successfully crosslinked and polymerized nanomaterials and engineering plastics, and developed a new type of nano-abrasive plastic polymer. The new technology can improve the resistance of plastic grinding by nearly 100 times!

This major progress was achieved by joint development between JSFD and a China leading bearing company. The purpose of developing nano-ultra-wear-resistant composite plastic is to replace metal bearings with plastic bearings, thereby achieving the dual goals of lightweight products and reducing noise . As we all know, most of the mechanical moving parts are made of metal. Taking metal bearings as an example: traditional metals need to be lubricated, have dry noise, lubricating oil pollution, and have high density. And wear-resistant nanoplastics have many advantages such as high production efficiency, low noise, maintenance-free (no need for lubricant), low cost, light weight and so on. The successful development of this material indicates that plastic bearings have matured to replace metal bearings. It is believed that in the near future, nano-super wear-resistant materials will be used in industrial automation, intelligence, transportation, medical, textile machinery, automotive, aero space and other industries.

At present, China local companies have used this technical solution, applied to some parts with high wear resistance requirements and achieved good application results.

A well-known bearing manufacturer, JSFD has developed bearing plastics with characteristics of self-lubricating, high wear resistance (abrasion value can reach five times that of metal), high temperature resistance, low noise, and long life. According to customer data, after the nano-material and plastic cross-linking technology, the material properties have changed significantly. This major success has laid a solid foundation for the development and growth of JSFD in the wear-resistant industry.

In all JSFD composite material modification processes, the research of super wear-resistant plastics has always been its key research topic. Composite modification, as an important means to achieve high wear resistance of plastics, is achieving high strength, high wear resistance, light weight , and functionality. It has a wide range of research and application values, such as chemical modification, and is currently being studied in depth by JSFD as the core modification technology.

In this context, JSFD has continued to make progress and continued efficient technological innovation after three years! Only high-wear-resistant plastics have successively developed more than 2,700 wear-resistant formulas based on 60 kinds of plastics, which has greatly expanded the application field of high-wear-resistant plastics and provided a wide selection of materials for "replacing steel with plastic". Due to continuous investment, self-lubricating and high wear-resistant plastics have become the core products of JSFD, which is a strong backing for JSFD to compete with well-known foreign brands.

JSFD Composite Technology Corporation specializes in the customization of high-performance special modified plastics. It has successfully developed more than 60 substrates and 4,000 mature formulas. It is currently one of the world's most complete and diverse plastic modification factories with “super-strong carbon fiber reinforcement Plastic and nano-ultra-wear-resistant plastic "two core modification technologies.

It can provide customers with private customized high-performance modified plastic services, including: structural reinforcement, conductive and electronic shielding, flame retardant, self-lubricating high wear resistance, long (short) carbon fiber reinforcement, nano plastic, long (short) Glass Fiber Reinforced (LFT) High density, low weight, specific gravity, medical grade, high temperature resistance, high toughness, thermal insulation, conductive thermal conductivity, laser marking, magnetic detectable, spray-free plastic, and special dyeing services to meet the differentiated needs of customers To ensure the uniqueness of the product.



JSFD's long fiber technical engineers customize your high-strength materials for you.


We can modify the material strength to improve the overall wear resistance.


JSFD can provide you with a rich material color scheme.


The conductive properties of the resin are achieved in the case of heat conduction.


We changed the density by adding hollow glass beads, heavy minerals, metal fillers, etc


Achieve miniaturization, weight reduction, precision, and high performance.


Most of the resins have insulating properties and can be thermally modified.


It will not be affected by the interference of electromagnetic waves.


The long-term use temperature of these materials is as high as 150 ℃ -400 ℃.


The Spray-free Plastic makes materials come with a special color effect.


The modification of the staple fiber (carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc.) of the pure resin


The use of nanoparticles to scientifically modify the base resin.


Laser Direct Forming (LDS) is mainly used in stereo circuits.


Application of flame retardant materials is essential to improve product quality.


Products not only need to be durable, they also need to be more creative.

JSFD is good at the application research of “replacing steel with plastic”. It is worth pointing out that JSFD super strong carbon fiber composite plastic has successfully replaced metals, greatly reducing customer product weight, providing strong material support for product lightweighting, and greatly expanding the selection of materials for engineers The space allows designers to "do whatever they want" in the design of plastic products.