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Chinese magnesium alloy material technology manufacturer successfully developed high strength and high thermal conductivity magnesium alloy materials and precision magnesium alloy components for 5G communications Hay:A03WHWF

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WHWF Magnesium Alloy Technology Company has received 1.63 million magnesium alloy precision component products for 5G communication equipment, sales increased by 30% year-on-year, and profits increased by nearly 70% ...

In 2019, in the early stage of China's 5G base station construction, ZTE, Huawei and other communication giants came to the door, hoping that WHWF could design high-conductivity, lightweight magnesium alloy materials for 5G base station key instruments as needed. "The basic materials of 4G and previous communication base stations mainly use aluminum alloy, but the power consumption of 5G base stations is 2.5 to 4 times that of 4G base stations, which means that the amount of heat is increased. If the heat dissipation is not timely, it will seriously affect the stability of the network. And service life of the equipment. "Zhu Xunming, chairman of the company said.

The thermal conductivity of traditional magnesium alloys is only 60% of that of aluminum alloys. The key to the breakthrough is to increase the thermal conductivity of magnesium alloys. The company has been relying on technology to guide the market. 1/6 of the company's employees engage in R & D and invest more than 20 million yuan each year as a research and development fund. Therefore, Zhu Xunming was confident in this project from the beginning.

Clarified the direction of R & D. In 2019, WHWF invited two experts from Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Professor Zhang Kui and Shenyang University of Technology Professor Mao Pingli to provide technical guidance. One is responsible for front-end design, and the other is responsible for practical applications. In the laboratory, the magnesium alloy was "completely decomposed", and alloy elements such as aluminum, zinc, manganese, cerium, and thorium were tried and modified in proportion.

The "formulation" of magnesium alloy materials has been successfully optimized in theory. The deep smelting and forming of magnesium alloy solution has become a new problem. Every small flaw in the finished product means that the "recipe" needs to be adjusted. In this way, iterative testing, testing and improvement finally determine the accurate data of the production technology of high-strength and high-thermal conductivity magnesium alloy materials. "The thermal conductivity of traditional magnesium alloy materials is 80. We optimize the design of the alloy composition and then deepen the smelting to increase its thermal conductivity to 120." Zhu Xunming is very proud of this achievement. Mass production of high-strength and high-thermal conductivity magnesium alloy materials and products developed for 5G base stations. That year, sales soared to 80 million yuan.

The development and production of high-strength and high-thermal conductivity magnesium alloy materials and products for 5G base stations is an important step for WHWF to achieve industrial upgrading and conversion. The successfully developed magnesium alloy materials can also be applied to Wanfeng Magnesium's deeply cultivated rail transportation, aerospace and other fields to promote the overall business forward. In the big market of 5G and alloys, WHWF wins with "magnesium", which not only attracts well-known OEMs such as Harley, BMW, Ferrari and other companies such as China Railway and ZTE, but also attracts a lot of magnesium alloy Talent gathering.

"Although we successfully advance into the 5G supply chain, the 5G base station style structure is updated very quickly. We will continue to follow up with the new demand for basic materials for 5G base stations by ZTE and Huawei, and increase R & D in a targeted manner." Zhu Xunming said.

About WHWF Magnesium Alloy Technology Company

WHWF WHWF Magnesium Alloy Technology Company was founded in 2002, it is dedicating on manufacturing and researching light alloys, composite, parts of automotive, electronic communication products and aerospace products. The company's customer list includes Harley-Davison, BMW, DUCATI, Ferrari to GM and its market landscape covers the USA, Germany, Italy etc.

In China, the company supplies products to CASIC, Locomotive Group, ZTE and SH Auto. WHWF manufactures and supplys the world-class Mg alloy products. The company has one Provincial Research and Development Center, one Provincial Technology Center and one Key Laboratory of the province for researching and innovating advanced Mg alloy products. Twenty-nine patents have been obtained and three national standards (GB) were drawn out. National projects including the 863 Program, the 11th and 12th Five-year plans and other key programs have been or being carried out. Academic coordination has been established with Tsinghua University, Harbin Industrial University, Shenyang Industrial University and the Metal Research Institute of China Academic Science. The company will aim at four fields in the future: Mg alloys, rail transportation, telecommunication, and aerospace. By working hard together with our collaborators, we have the faith to become a world-widely well-known industry leader and su pply the best products to the world.

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