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China leading ultra-pure alloys, nickel-based, cobalt-based, iron-based high-temperature alloy materials, aluminum (magnesium, titanium) light alloy materials manufacturer and supplier Hay:A04BJGY

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BJGY Alloy Technology Group's vision is to "become a high-tech company for the integration of production and research of new metal materials and products required for high-end manufacturing". The research and development, production and sales of light alloy materials and products, high-homogeneous and ultra-pure alloys are important research and production bases for high-temperature alloys and other materials and products used in domestic aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships and nuclear power industries.

The company has the technology and ability to produce more than 80% of domestic high-temperature alloys. The products cover all subdivision fields of high-temperature alloys. It is one of the most advanced and most comprehensive production enterprises in the field of high-temperature alloys in China. 

The company is positioned as the leader of China's "advanced high-temperature materials" technology and the promoter of industrial upgrading. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of high-temperature materials in aerospace materials. An important supplier of high-temperature materials for the power industry is currently one of the largest domestic manufacturers of high-end and new-type high-temperature materials, and many subdivided products dominate the market. High-temperature materials were initially mainly used in the aerospace field. Due to their excellent high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, they were gradually applied to industrial fields such as power, automobiles, metallurgy, glass manufacturing, and nuclear power. With the development of high-temperature materials and the emergence of new high-temperature materials, the market demand for high-temperature materials is gradually expanding and increasing.

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Casting alloy products

It mainly supplies the production of military precision castings for various aviation, aerospace engines, marine engines and tank engines. Civilian superalloy master alloys are mainly supplied to engine factories and other precision foundries to produce civil aviation engines and gas turbines. The company's military master alloy has a domestic market share of more than 40%

Casting alloy products

High temperature alloy master alloy

Isometric crystal precision casting products

Ti-Al intermetallic compound products

Ti2AlNb and Ti3Al alloy casting products

TiAl alloy casting products

TiAl alloy target

Titanium alloy casting products

Ni-Al intermetallic compound products

High temperature bearing Ni3Al-based alloy

High temperature weldable light specific gravity Ni3Al based alloy

Medium temperature high strength Ni3Al based alloy

Stainless steel alloy precision castings

Electrode rod

Aluminum magnesium alloy products

Aluminum alloy investment casting

Aluminum alloy sand casting

Magnesium alloy investment casting

Artificial joint precision castings

Special alloy precision castings

High temperature alloy directional solidification blade

High temperature alloy single crystal blade

Isometric grain superalloy blades

Deformed alloy products

Deformed superalloy refers to a type of alloy that can be hot and cold deformed, has good mechanical properties and comprehensive strength and toughness indicators, and has high oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Deformed superalloys are high-temperature materials that must be applied in aerospace, aerospace, nuclear energy industry, and ground combustion engines, and can be used to manufacture various key parts for high-temperature environments such as aviation, aerospace engines, and nuclear reactors.

Deformed alloy products

High temperature alloy disc forging

High temperature alloy bar

High temperature alloy sheet and strip

High temperature alloy pipe

High-temperature alloy wire

High temperature alloy ring for combustion chamber

Highly homogeneous turbine disk

Stellite wear-resistant products

Powder alloy products

The powder produced by the company using PREP process has the advantages of good sphericity, high surface finish, low gas content, high purity, etc. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, petrochemical, medical and other fields

Powder alloy products

High-quality spherical metal powder

Hot isostatic pressing alloy parts

Powder high-temperature alloy forgings

Special alloy products

It is widely used in advanced aeroengine turbine blades, especially small solid turbine blades that are not cooled; sliding rails and pads for steel rolling mill stepping furnaces; special materials for industrial gas turbine blades; structural materials for advanced space vehicles and ultra-high-speed fighters, etc.

Special alloy products

Oxidation dispersion strengthening products

Low expansion, fastener products

Nickel-based alloy products for nuclear

Glass corrosion resistant products

Porous foam products

High temperature and high pressure wear-resistant disc valve

Hydraulic pump seals

Oil pump bearing

Friction plate

CNG gas turbine valve seat

Magnetron sputtering target

MCrAlY type arc plating target material for thermal barrier coating

High temperature wear-resistant welding wire

High-purity high-strength special alloy products

Widely used in forging dies, hot extrusion dies, precision forging dies with large impact load, mainly used as die casting and extrusion dies for aluminum alloy, copper alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy

High-purity high-strength special alloy products

NOS series products of hot work die steel

Plastic mold steel super clean mirror (GY) series products

High speed steel must be hard (MBH) series