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Aramid mica paper, Aramid shielding material, Aramid carbon fiber paper, Low permittivity Materials Aramid Paper, Aramid Insulation Paper, Aramid Honeycomb Paper leading manufacturer and supplier Hay:D01SZHT

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SZHT Aramid Paper Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd. has been fully engaged in small and medium test of aramid paper research and development since 1997. The entire technology research and development process lasted more than ten years, and industrialized mass production was achieved in 2007.

SZHT has a full range of aramid paper-based composite products with complete independent intellectual property rights, technological processes, raw material formulations, customized equipment, and many related application technologies. It has adopted patent and trademark protection measures in China and major industrialized countries in the world. The key formula raw materials and all production equipment are domestically produced. It has a fully mass-produced 200-ton aramid paper-based composite material production line, which is fully mass-produced in accordance with the international standard 914 format.

SZHT products include para-aramid (1414) fiber paper, meta-aramid (1313) fiber paper, carbon fiber paper, PPS fiber paper, etc., and have the production capacity of aramid paper-based honeycomb materials. Focus on supplying honeycomb paper, high-end circuit paper, high-end insulating material paper, etc. After testing, 70% of the technical indicators meet or exceed DuPont's existing products.


Aramid mica paper

Aramid shielding material

Aramid carbon fiber paper

Low permittivity Materials Aramid Paper

Aramid Insulation Paper

Aramid Honeycomb Paper

Nearly 100 customers in the global aramid application field have successively tried SZHT's aramid paper products, and gave high evaluations. After sampling and testing, mainstream application companies have already started cooperation. "Shenzhou VII" manned aerospace engineering airborne radome development organization, army aviation helicopter project unit, etc. after sampling and testing, have also become important customers of SZHT company. In the domestic high-end insulation materials market, Longbang Aramid Paper has become the most competitive alternative product of DuPont Aramid Paper.

At present, the company is striving to promote the application research and development of key protective honeycomb structural parts (anti-collision, explosion-proof, insulation, flame retardant), high-end printed materials, flame-retardant and thermal insulation materials for buildings, and high-end circuit boards.