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composites automotive leaf springs developed by China's high-end composite technology company has achieved market breakthrough Hay:D02ZZSD

time:2015-06-18 browse:6019次

Recently, the high-performance glass fiber reinforced composite leaf spring developed by ZZSD Composite Materials Technology Group has won 3,000 purchase orders, which is the first large-volume order obtained since the development of this product.

The leaf spring is an important part of the vehicle suspension system, and it plays the role of transmitting the force and moment between the frame and the wheel. Compared with traditional metal leaf springs, composite materials have excellent properties such as light weight, long service life, high specific elasticity, and vibration and noise reduction. At present, this product has been applied to commercial vehicles in large quantities abroad, but China is still blank.

After more than three years of continuous repeated exploration and technological innovation, from the initial selection of raw materials, structural design and simulation, preparation process exploration to composite material spring test and sports car test, the company's composite material spring technology has gradually matured and obtained customer sure. He successively designed composite material spring structure for BYD, Xiamen Jinlong, Yutong and other famous domestic automobile manufacturers.

At present, the company's cooperation with Xiamen Jinlong, Yutong and other first-class Chinese passenger car manufacturers has entered a substantive stage, and the composite material spring market has a very promising future.