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High precision metal components and fully automated robots:Hydraulic Components, Automotive Components, Robots, CNC Machines and Hard Disk Drive Components manufacturer and supplier Hay:T09SZJM

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World-class Precision Metal Components Manufacturer-Supplier

SZJM Precision Tech Group is a world-class manufacturing supplier of high precision metal components and fully automated robots for a wide range of applications in various industries globally with well-established high-tech automation expertise and manufacturing facilities for high-volume production. As a long-term strategic partner, we are committed to supplying on-time, low-cost and top quality products, delivering the highest value to our multinational customers worldwide while strategically pursuing continuous profit and sustainable growth for our shareholders.

Operating 4 production sizable facilities in China and Thailand with our own sales offices in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Bangkok, our Group's wide coverage enables us to respond effectively and efficiently to customer requests and stay abreast of market situations. We have about 3,000 employees working and contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our business portfolio is organized into 5 main product segments: Hydraulic Components, Automotive Components, Robots, CNC Machines and Hard Disk Drive Components.

Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2004, SZJM Group generated a turnover of more than USD115 million in 2015 and achieved a steady growth in 2016. Going forward, while maintaining momentum in our existing business segments, we will focus on development of the new business segment, ie manufacture and sale of automated Robots.

Competitive Strengths in Machining & Treatments

Our Positioning: An industry leader in the field of high quality machining

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the hydraulic, automobile and HDD industries. We manufacture parts for many of the world's most demanding applications, having proven ourselves capable of producing high precision components based on strict customer design specifications. As a full- service supplier with a wide range of capabilities, we have built our own machining integration technology and in-house heat treatment process (see charts below). With our state-of-the-art automated manufacturing systems, expertise, innovation and ability to achieve the high specification quality standards required by its customers, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier to industries increasingly technologically orientated and in need of quality precision components.

From early stage production through ready components, we offer a vast variety of precision metal machining services to provide our customers with efficient solutions. Our specialties and support services include:

Turning, Stamping, Die Casting, Cold Forging

Drilling, Milling, Slotting, Threading, Rolling

Brushing, Chemical-ECM & TEM deburring

Grinding, Honing, Lapping

Heat-treatment, Surface treatment, EN & Zinc plating

Cleaning, DI water, Hydrocarbon, Ultrasonic

Heat Treatment in House

Bulk heat treatment

Surface heat treatment

Vacuum heat treatment

Local heat treatment

Quenching / Tempering / Annealing / Carburizing / Carbonitriding

Solution treatment

Ageing treatment


gas nitriding

gas nitrocarburizing

plasma nitriding

plasma nitrocarburizing

SQP salt bath nitriding

QPQ treatment

Induction hardening

Sand blasting

High Precision Machinery

CNC Lathes Workshop

Multi Spindle CNC Lathe

Hydromat Rotary Machine

Kitamura Machining Center

Aluminium Die Casting Equipment


High Precision Machinery.jpg

Quality Control and Customer satisfaction at all times

Achieving top quality in each step of every production process is our first priority. At SZJM, all our employees adhere to a comprehensive quality policy in order to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We implement continuous improvement programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time. In order to ensure that the reliability and consistency of the products manufactured by the Group, the Group implement quality control procedures beyond those required by the ISO standards. All the group's production facilities are equipped with high precision testing equipment to check every aspect of a precision component that may affect its performance including the length, breadth, depth, smoothness, roundness of the precision component. The quality control equipment has the ability to measure precision up to 0.002μm. The Group's quality control team consists of over 350 staff. Quali ty inspection is an integral part of SZJM's production process and is SZJM`s commitment to its customers in ensuring customer satisfaction and building a long-term business.

SZJM's products are mainly distributed to global customers with production base worldwide. The Group's customers included major multinational manufacturers of computers, spindle motors, hydraulic equipment, fibre optics, automobile components and electronic appliances. With the addition of the new Robot business, SZJM is poised to further expand its service to global customers from the automotive, medical, food, laboratory, industrial, packaging, electronic and consumer sectors.

Customer Reference

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