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China Leading high-precision gear machining tools, high-precision hobbing tools, broaching tools, cold extrusion tools Supplier and ManufacturerHay:T10ZJHF

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ZJHF, a leading complex tool manufacturer in China

ZJHF ranks NO.1 among the complex cutting tool and precision spline gauge manufacturers in China and top 5 globally. For 30 years, EST has been innovating and investing in high-end equipment. The company started with making HSS roughing endmills and grew to a leading manufacturer for complex cutting tools and precision spline gauges. EZJHF is presenting the world a new era of 'Made in China'.


Patents and awards demonstrate ZJHF`s strong R & D capabilities

ZJHF is committed to continual innovative research and development. It owns a provincial level research center, a national level spline gauge measuring lab, and a provincially awarded research team. It has nine invention patents and over 50 application patents. It was awarded the national first prize in technology and many prizes in Chinese machinery industry and some industrial innovation projects were national-funded. It was also awarded three pioneering products prizes for the helical ring gear broach, the one-pass large broach, and the turbine fir-tree slot broaches set.

ZJHF as an executive member of CMTBA, drafted and greatly contributed to the final GB involute spline standard.

ZJHF has six experienced engineering teams for the six series of products, and each year the team made new breakthrough on innovative projects.

ZJHF keeps investing in up-to-date technologies and equipment to make the best performance tools. There are over 100 world`s cutting-edge CNC grinding machines and over 500 specialized manufacturing equipment, including the largest PVD coating chamber in Asia.


ZJHF has grown into one of the most competitive manufacturers in the world for complex cutting tools and precision spline gauges. ZJHF provides integrated professional solutions in components machining and spline measuring for transmissions, power generators, aircrafts, etc.


Complex Cutting Tools & Spline Gauges


Round Broaches

Extra-large Broaches

Helical Broaches 

Spline Broaches

Solid Carbide Spline Broach

Special Profile Broaches

Flat Broaches

Turbine Broaches

Rack Profile Broaches 

Pot Broach holder

Pot Broaches

Carbide Insert broaches

Cold Forming Tools

Forming Racks

Thread Forming Racks

Forming Roll Dies

Circular Roll Dies


Thread Roll Dies

Spline Forming Dies

Spline Measuring Tools

Spline Gauges

Spline Gauges

Spline Gauges


Spline Measuning Tools

Variable Gauges 

Spline Meter

Master Gears

Gear Cutters


High precision hob with shank

Solid Carbide Hobs

Class AAA Hob

Shaper Cutters

Skive Cutters

Precision high efficiency cutting Tools

Turbine disk milling cutter

Nonstandard Drilling & Milling Cutters 

Nonstandard Drilling and Milling Cutters

Profile Milling Cutters 

Roughing End Mills


Core Drills & Hole Saws

Core Drills

Rail Cutting Core Drills 

Hole Saws / Helical Flute Step Drills

Nonstandard Core Drills