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Solvay, the world's leading specialty polymer supplier, has partnered with Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire Europe to develop innovative KetaSpire® PEEK polymer-coated electromagnetic wire technology that has been recognized by Magna Powertrain

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Solvay, the world's leading supplier of specialty polymers, has partnered with Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire Europe (EFMWE) to develop a new generation of automotive magnet wires, which together won the award from Magna Powertrain. Prior to this, Magna Powertrain had solicited innovative concepts from suppliers that could drive the tough production challenges of pure electric vehicle motors and hybrid vehicle motors. The concept developed by Solvay and EFMWE combines EFMWE's High Voltage Winding Wire ™ (HVWW) technology for traction motors and an insulation coating using Solvay's KetaSpire® polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymer.

As one of only seven innovative concepts that entered the second round of competition, the concept jointly submitted by Solvay and EFMWE was finally awarded the first prize by the Magna Innovation Committee.

The application of wire insulation materials through extrusion processes can improve the performance of electromagnetic wires to unprecedented levels. It is worth noting that the coated enameled wire has extremely high heat resistance and chemical resistance, and can operate at high voltages above 600V. This technology not only improves the compactness of the motor design, saves space and weight, and improves the overall efficiency of the system. This technology also reduces assembly steps compared to traditional high-performance traction motors.

Andreas Lutz, Market Development Manager, European Automotive Business, Solvay Specialty Polymers Global Business Unit, said: "This collaboration underscores our consistent purpose of helping customers optimize their technology to accelerate their innovation process. We are very pleased that our industry-leading The successful use of ether ether ketone (PEEK) polymers for this important application is a great example of our deep cooperation with our customers to create real value. "

To develop this technology, two industry leaders have improved the durability, efficiency, and design compactness of large traction motors at higher voltage and current conditions, thereby cooperating to overcome existing constraints and provide better performance. This technology has also shortened the time to market for major technological advances in the automotive engineering field.

Electric power system is one of the main driving forces for automotive innovation, and it will have a significant impact on vehicle design and manufacturing, especially hybrid and all-electric models.