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Evonik plans to build a new polyamide 12 integrated production facility in Mar, Germany, increasing total production capacity by more than 50%

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Evonik is planning to build a new high-performance polyamide 12 (PA12) integrated production unit. As a result, the total production capacity of the group PA12 will increase by more than 50%. PA12 is used in attractive growth markets such as automotive, oil and gas pipelines, and 3D printing. 

After the successful completion of the basic design, Evonik plans to invest approximately 400 million Euros to build a new PA 12 integrated production facility at its largest production base (Marl Chemical Park in North Rhine-Westphalia). The new PA12 and its predecessor will complement the existing PA12 production. The unit is expected to be operational in early 2021. This investment will help Evonik achieve its profit target and will generate hundreds of millions of euros in cash flow in the long run. As part of the annual growth investment budget, the project is expected to be completed within four years. 

"This will be Evonik's largest investment in Germany to date," said Evonik Chairman Christian Kullmann. "This investment is in line with our strategy to focus on specialty chemicals, and polyamide 12 as a high-performance polymer for specialty applications is an important part of our 'Smart Materials' growth engine strategy." Kullmann believes that German industry Has a good regional advantage, is very attractive and competitive: "Our workforce in Mal is of high quality, and this investment will create about 150 jobs. In addition, we can maximize the use of new installations and existing infrastructure The synergies created by our facilities create extremely favorable conditions for us to sell specialty products worldwide. "

The annual growth rate of PA12 global market exceeds 5%, which is much higher than the growth rate of global GDP. In the special application area of ​​3D printing, its growth rate has even reached double digits. "The market demand for polyamide 12 is growing steadily." Said Dr. Ruidisi, chairman of the board of directors of Evonik Resource Efficiency LLC. "The planned capacity expansion will further strengthen our leading position in the polyamide 12 market. For our global customers, our capacity growth will ensure that they can obtain a stable and reliable product supply now and in the future."

PA12 has many excellent properties, such as high stability and flexibility, high temperature resistance, and low weight. As a result, it is widely used as an alternative to steel for many demanding applications, including automotive and lightweight design, and oil and gas pipelines. In addition to its current use in the automotive sector, Evonik is also ready to use it in the future.