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Rogers introduces unique PORON® Embrace foot cushioning technology

time:2018-03-23 browse:4139次

Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) has recently launched a unique PORON® Embrace foot cushioning technology product, which can provide continuous fit and long-term comfort in the shoes for both feet. PORON Embrace can remember the initial shape, rebound to adjust to the original shape between steps, and adapt to the contours of the feet, providing a personalized experience for each step.

For years, footwear designers have struggled to overcome the limitations of the typical "memory foam". Although memory foam initially attracted consumers because of its comfort, it ultimately failed to gain a foothold in the market due to its low resistance to compression deformation. After a short period of use, these foams will be permanently shaped into the shape of the foot, and then lose the cushioning of key compression areas such as the heel and sacrum, eventually causing discomfort and fatigue in the lower limbs when standing or walking. Unlike other foams, PORON Embrace returns to its original shape, adjusts between every step, and continuously changes shape during a day of activity to maintain long-lasting comfort and durability.

PORON Embrace is an ideal manufacturing material for leisure, fashion life, women's clothing and retail insoles. In addition to its continuous adjustment capabilities and long-lasting comfort features, the material's open-cell structure makes it not only lightweight, but also breathable, allowing users to still Keep your feet dry and comfortable. And PORON Embrace has the best resistance to compression deformation of all PORON Comfort products. It can recover 98% of its original shape even after long-term use, which is very durable.

“We are honored to introduce PORON Embrace to the shoe industry. PORON Embrace can provide you with a unique fitting experience at every step.” Said Kelly Nelson, Deputy Manager of PORON Comfort`s Marketing Development Department. “PORON Embrace is bound to become those seeking A long-lasting comfort material for shoe designers. "