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The high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy precision parts Supplier of Bosch, Mahler and Eaton Hay:A03WHFZ

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WHFZ High Performance Alloy Technology Corporation is committed to developing and producing high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy materials and products.

The products are mainly used in automobile engines, automobile gearboxes, engineering machinery, hydraulics, valves, new energy power generation and other fields, with the market share ranking first in the industry.

It is an invisible champion enterprise in the field of high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy materials and products in China.

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For more than 30 years, WHFZ has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy materials. The vertical semi continuous casting, horizontal continuous casting, plastic forming process, nondestructive testing, precision machining and other links are technologically advanced, breaking the decades long material monopoly of foreign material giants in this field, and realizing the domestic substitution.

The company has mastered the core technology of copper alloy materials

The company has a provincial high strength wear-resistant alloy technology center, which has always paid attention to the research and development of high performance and high strength wear-resistant copper alloy technology and the innovation of production process, constantly introduced cutting-edge scientific research talents, purchased international advanced equipment, improved the process level and continuously increased the investment in innovative research and development, accumulated its own core technology, and has a strong R&D innovation ability and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements.

In the field of high-strength wear-resistant copper alloy, WHFZ has a 43% market share in China, ranking first in the industry.

The main customers include Bosch, Mahler, Eaton, Federal-Mogul and other international well-known enterprises, as well as leading enterprises in China's automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery and hydraulic fields, such as Great Wall Motors, Geely Automobile, BYD, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, etc.