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Hyosung builds the third PAN-based carbon fiber production line for IV type CNG and hydrogen pressure vessel

time:2021-05-30 browse:10102次

The third production line will add 2,500 tons of carbon fiber annually for industrial applications, infrastructure, and type III and IV CNG and hydrogen pressure vessels.

On May 25th, South Korea Hyosung announced that it will build a third PAN-based carbon fiber production line at the Jeonju plant, with a capacity of 2500 tons/year. After completion in 2022, the company's total carbon fiber production capacity will be increased to 6,500 tons. The company added a second carbon fiber production line in 2020.

Hyosung stated that this move is in response to market demand in the fields of carbon core cables, infrastructure facilities, especially CNG pressure vessels and hydrogen energy vehicles. Hyosung believes that its TANSOME brand carbon fiber is of high quality and is an ideal material for the production of Type III and IV cylinders.

 "The addition of the third line is an important part of the company's construction of 24,000 tons of carbon fiber production capacity," said Song Joo Choi, president of South Korea's Hyosung Carbon Materials business. This ambitious plan was announced in 2019 with a total investment of 1 trillion won (approximately 5.712 billion yuan) and will be completed by 2028.

 Paul Kennedy, North American Marketing Manager of Hyosung, said: "Our carbon fiber products are not only being used more and more in the field of infrastructure construction, but are also getting attention from the oil and gas industry."