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Corning Chongqing 8.5 generation LCD glass substrate production line officially put into production, supplies to Chinese panel manufacturers

time:2015-05-07 browse:7003次

In June 2015, with the support of the Chongqing Municipal Government and local leaders, Corning announced the establishment of a new LCD glass factory in Chongqing's Liangjiang New District Water and Soil High-tech Industrial Park. Today (16), this 8.5 generation LCD glass substrate production line has been put into operation.

It is understood that this is the second LCD glass factory established by Corning in China after the establishment of an 8.5-generation LCD glass factory in Beijing. It can provide Corning's strategic customers with glass substrates of 8.5 and above.

Corning's recently announced fourth-quarter and full-year financial results for 2016 show that for the full year of 2016, the demand for Corning glass in the liquid crystal display glass market increased by about 5%. Corning expects the retail market and glass demand growth in 2017 to be around 5%.

At today's commissioning activities, Ji Kebin, president of Corning Glass Technology Group, said: "The Chongqing LCD glass factory has once again proved our long-term commitment to serve global customers. As a global leader in special glass, Corning is committed to providing our Chinese customers with our The highest quality and best performance LCD glass substrate. "

"We are very pleased that Corning Display Technology ’s global supply network has added a new factory." Zhang Ye, global general manager of Corning Display Technology, said at the commissioning event, "Chongqing has an important strategic position in China's IT and LCD industry. With With the establishment of the Chongqing factory, we can realize the localization of glass supply, provide regional technical and manufacturing support, and provide better services to Chinese panel manufacturers, especially customers in southwestern China. "