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Chinese companies have mastered large-size thin-wall magnesium alloy die-casting technology for laptop Hay:T02SZBY

time:2013-01-08 browse:8810次

At the beginning of January 2013, SZBY Precision Casting Group, a leading manufacturer of precision magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy die castings in China, announced that in 2012, it applied for "a notebook computer face shell die casting mold casting system and Its design method" utility model patent. The patent involves researching three pouring schemes, innovating a pouring system structure, using die-casting flow equation PQ analysis method to optimize die-casting process parameters, monitoring die-casting machine output data, formulating equipment preservation opinions, monitoring mold temperature, and proposing methods and specifications for increasing mold temperature Technology such as mold oil connection method. Taking root in the scene, combining theory with practice, has overcome the difficult problem of large and thin-walled die-casting, so that it has the strength of large and thin-walled magnesium alloy die-casting.