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Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Execution Management



If the supply chain does not have efficient execution capabilities and tools, no matter how good the supply chain strategy, planning, and planning are, all are in the air!

Hay Think provides a complete set of powerful integrated supply chain execution solutions based on warehouse management and distributed order management solutions, but goes far beyond solving almost all logistics and fulfillment challenges.

Our other SCE solutions include labor and resource management, inventory optimization, yard management, 3PL, assembly and matching, transportation, packaging management, freight payment and auditing, etc.-each solution has various unique and innovative capabilities.

The breadth and depth of SCE solutions provided by Hay Think, all of which are developed within our advanced service-oriented architecture [SOA] technology platform, which provides unparalleled flexibility initially and over time .

Supply Chain Execution Management

Operating Model

Basic Requirements for Replenishment Planning

Plan for Every Part[PFEP]

Replenishment Methods

Facility Replenishment Strategy Applying OSS

Fixed Build Sequence

Supply Chain Visibility

Process Variation

Internal Material Flow

Supplier Collaboration

Inventory Management



1. Information Management In Logistics

2. Control concepts and order processing

2.1 Control concepts 


VMI including consignment 

Call-off | PO | ROP Pull 

2.2 Flexibility and release periods 

Production and material releases 

Minimum order quantities 


Start-up and phase-out control

3. Packaging Planning

3.1 Packaging specifications

Packaging design criteria 

Responsibilities and definition of packaging specification 

Permitted and non-permitted materials

Delivery specifications 

Requirements for electrostatic discharge (abbr.: ESD) protection 

Corrosion prevention and moisture control 

Packaging for hazardous goods 

3.2 One-way packaging 



Specific requirements depending on transportation type

3.3 Returnable packaging 

Specification depending on type of returnable packaging 

Empties management 

Provision and storage of customer-returnable empties 

Repairs and scrapping 


Labeling of customer-returnable packaging by the SUPPLIER 

Customer standards for returnable SLC 

Adapter pallets and roller carriages

4. Transport logistics 

4.1 Basic information on shipping from SUPPLIER to customer

Transportation companies, couriers, and package shipments 

Packages and HUs 

4.2 Shipping and transportation documents 

Shipping documents 

Transport documents 

4.3 Labeling of products 

4.4 Transport notification 

Transports not processed through Customer TMC 

Transports processed through Customer TMC 

Special arrangements for transportation of critical goods 

4.5 Label for sample parts 

4.6 ASN 

4.7 Shipping process 

4.8 Security in goods transportation

5. Special transports and variation management 

5.1 Special transports 

5.2 Variation management 

5.3 Risk and crisis management in logistics 


Definition, tasks, and objectives

6. Logistics quality 

Logistics complaints 

SUPPLIER Result Assessment (abbr.: LEB) – Logistics 

Controlling of logistics performance by SUPPLIER